Administrative Tribunals Statutes Amendment Act

The Government of BC introduces new Bill

If passed, the Administrative Tribunals Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 18), introduced Monday, will support the transformation of B.C.’s administrative justice system.

The Residential Tenancy Branch’s dispute resolution services are an important component of the administrative justice system. This bill contains amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act that are intended to modernize our services.

The proposed amendments address several changes that stakeholders, have been requesting. This includes a new facilitated settlement process that supports landlords and tenants to work together to resolve their dispute with the assistance of a skilled facilitator. There will also be increased opportunities for landlords and tenants to do more business online, including the ability to serve notices and evidence by email.

If the bill is passed by the Legislature, the proposed changes will not be implemented until  completion of further work on business processes and consultation with stakeholders.