New Tipping Fees

Metro Vancouver has adjusted the new Tipping Fees.

Effective April 6, 2015, Metro Vancouver has adjusted the tipping fees it charges for managing the region’s waste. The adjustment will more accurately reflect the cost of providing this service.

Over the last three years Metro Vancouver has faced a growing problem with waste leaving the regional system. This situation seriously hinders Metro Vancouver’s ability to finance the full system. The full system includes waste reduction and recycling activities, and the enforcement of the disposal bans designed to encourage recycling.

Concerns were expressed by the Province and by some business and industry sectors about Metro Vancouver’s initial proposal to address this issue through regulatory measures.

In response to these concerns, Metro Vancouver undertook a comprehensive review of the regional waste management system. Additionally, they addressed a significant change to the tipping fee structure, which was recently adopted.

The revised tipping fees, effective April 6, 2015, better reflect the actual cost of service delivery.

Disposal fees on large loads

  • Commercial, Institutional, Municipal and Multifamily
    • Reduced from $109 to $80 per tonne.
  • Medium sized loads will remain at $109 per tonne.

To better reflect the higher cost of managing small loads:

  • The tipping fee will be increased from $109 to $130 per tonne.
  • The minimum fee will rise from $10 to $15 per load.
  • This will bring the average cost for small loads up from $22 to $31, including a transaction fee of $5.00.

Property managers are encouraged to explore the implications of the reduced tipping fees with their service provider.

For further information on the new tipping fees introduced by Metro Vancouver, call RE/MAX Professional Rentals Management property managers at 604-273-6801.