What are the reasons to evict a tenant

Rental properties are a great way to generate income, however, property owners can sometimes encounter issues with a tenant and consider eviction. This video outlines the reasons to evict a tenant as well as the legal process, which must be followed.

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For your convenience, we have transcribed the video below.

My name is David Kaplan; I’m the vice president of RE/MAX Professional Rentals Management. We are going to talk about reasons to evict a tenant.

The first notice that we normally give a tenant, is what’s called a 10-day notice for non-payment of rent or utilities.

We do the rent-roll on the first of the month. If the rent is not paid, we will generally contact the tenant and find out why the rent is not paid. We would then issue what’s called a 10-day notice for unpaid rent.

The reason why it’s called a 10-day notice is that the tenant has 5 days in order to pay the rent. If they have not paid in those 5 days, they have 5 days to vacate. If they do not leave, we will follow along with the eviction process.

The other reason why we can ask a tenant to move is called a 2-month notice. What that generally refers to is when owners want to take possession of their property for their personal use. So, if a property has been sold or an owner just wants to move back into the property, they are required to give a tenant a 2-month notice in order to vacate. Along with that, they also are required to pay the tenant one-month compensation for asking them to move.

The third reason we can evict a tenant is for ‘cause.’ It’s generally a material breach of their tenancy agreement. Examples would include; the tenant has caused damage to the property, they have allowed too many occupants in the dwelling, or they have illegally sublet.

Once the tenant has been given sufficient warnings that they need to improve or correct their behavior, and they fail to do so, we can then issue them with a one-month notice for ‘cause.’ If they have not vacated at the end of that notice, we can then follow the eviction process.